about headWeb Designer in CTHello, I’m Tim, I built and designed this website. If you’re looking for affordable, professional and quality Web Design in CT for your small business – then you’ve found it!

I started freelancing in SEO and Web Design years ago after a friend was in need of both a website as well as generating traffic to the site for their business. The owner was a typical small business where they had the vision, skills and knowledge to offer a wonderful service but needed to generate more customers via the web. I was able to put together a nice looking site, create a logo, and get some content up all for a fair price and a nominal annual fee.

Once the site was complete I began reading and reading…and reading…eventually grasping a basic understanding of SEO fundamentals. After much trial and error I was able to distinguish and apply genuine, ‘white hat’ SEO tactics that would bring in traffic. I implemented these techniques to the site and voila (not quite overnight) browsers began to find his site when looking for a service like his. The business took off, started to flourish and the rest is history!

During that time I learned that SEO is ever-changing as Search Engines and their algorithms are ever-changing so it is safe to say what I had learned years ago is not exactly relevant today. It’s an absolute must for any SEO to stay abreast on the latest tactics and trends. As with social media, what works and is important today could be the complete opposite tomorrow.

There is a true passion to help small businesses thrive without breaking the bank. So if you’re looking to work with someone locally, 1 on 1 here in CT then I can help!

-Tim Dugan
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