Pinterest SEO Tips and Checklist

SEO: the word on everyone’s lips. No longer are marketers the only parties worrying about Search Engine Optimization. From the smallest of startups to the vastest of powerhouses, we all need to use SEO to get in front of the people that … [Read more...]

What SEOs Need To Know About Google’s Mobile-First Index

If you haven’t heard webmasters and SEOs somewhat losing their shiz about this big new thing called mobile-first index, you haven’t been paying attention. It’s kind of a big deal. Let’s talk about why (and when its big deal-ness is going to hit us … [Read more...]

How To Build SEO BackLinks For Small, Local Businesses

Here’s one of my biggest pieces of advice for small business owners doing their own marketing: learn local link building. And, I’ll be honest, I often get groans at that. I can’t blame them, though. I know it sounds like link building for local … [Read more...]

Google Algorithm Updates: Penguin 4.0 & Possum

Google seems to be changing its algorithms on a regular basis which can be frustrating as a website owner and SEO. Recent updates include 'Google Penguin 4.0' and 'Google Possum.' This article takes a look at both of these updates and what you need … [Read more...]