2016 SEO Predictions & Trends to Refine Your Strategies

2016 SEO Predictions and Techniques

Last year was packed with SEO changes and algorithm updates, and it appears 2016 is likely to follow that pattern. However, SEO industry observers tend to agree SEO is in an evolutionary cycle rather than a revolutionary one for the coming year. That doesn’t mean Google won’t throw a wrench into the works but, at this point, that doesn’t appear likely. Rather, the trends are more likely to build on what’s already in place. That doesn’t mean anyone should even consider simply sitting back and not paying attention, as doing so could be costly. There are several 2016 SEO Predictions and SEO Techniques for success everyone should be watching.

SEO Trend #1

Rand Fishkin, in his “10 Predictions for 2016 in SEO & Web Marketing,” brought up an interesting topic. His number one prediction for 2016 is that, in his words, “We’ll see the first major not-for-profit university in the U.S. offer a degree in Internet Marketing, including classes in SEO.” That prediction underscores the increasingly sophisticated level the industry is demanding. Today, keeping track of SEO trends and developing ways to incorporate those trends in clients’ websites will be even more crucial than in the past. There is little room for trial and error today as site owners look for 2016 SEO Predictions and how to integrate the concepts into their strategies.

SEO Trend #2

In “The Top 7 SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2016,” Jayson DeMers predicts video content will overtake written content in importance. Although video content has been steadily encroaching on text as the most important element of any site, DeMers contends, “Vine, Periscope, Snapchat, and other video apps are partially responsible for this, setting users’ expectations toward more visual content, but the real herald may come from Google, which is now experimenting with video ads in search results.” Obviously, the continued migration from laptop and desktop computers is fueling the shift to video as is research indicating a change in the tastes of consumers.

SEO Trend #3

Google’s John Mueller, in a Google+ hangout, brought up a topic closely related to Trend #2. Being mobile friendly continues to be a top priority, as more users increase their utilization of smartphones and tablets. He points out that many sites are failing to grasp the importance of the shift to mobile devices. Obviously, Google’s algorithm changes during 2015 should have woken people up, but there are sites still less-than-friendly to mobile devices.

SEO Trend #4

Another interesting development leading to new SEO Tips from experts like Josh MacDonald in his “5 SEO Predictions for 2016” is the increased use of voice search. Siri, Google Now, and Cortina are rapidly changing the way users search, especially when on the move. According to MacDonald, “This has already brought about subtle-yet-profound changes in the way that search works.” He suggests everyone will be required to pay more attention to structured data and rich snippets to garner the returns on investments they need.

SEO Trend #5

MacDonald goes on to say that local SEO will be more important than ever. Again, the growth in importance of local SEO is linked directly with the transition to mobile devices and the voice searches they offer. MacDonald says, “Make sure you’re ready by staying on top of your local SEO with smart keywords, up-to-date Google Maps information, and even app integration.”

SEO Trend #6

In “3 SEO Predictions You Need to Know for 2016,” Huyen Truong also emphasizes the importance of staying on top of the shift to mobile technology and carries his advice further than some of the others. He states, “Businesses must give thought to all of the following; mobile marketing strategy; mobile design, mobile search marketing and advertising, mobile e-commerce and mobile payment, mobile CRM (customer relationship management), mobile coupons, and integrating mobile, local and social.” He goes on to state, ” It is now important to make your apps search friendly. Apps are becoming integrated within Google search results since Google has started indexing app content.” This factor wasn’t really on most people’s radar even last year but, as Google continues to stretch the search engine’s capabilities, it will be now.

SEO Trend #7

The concept of Rich Answers is likely to garner more attention according to one industry insider’s 2016 SEO Predictions. Jomer Gregorio in “The Top SEO Trends in 2016” states, “There is a 38% increasing trend in how Google’s search results are returning Rich Answers according to a study by Stone Temple Consulting (https://www.stonetemple.com/the-growth-of-rich-answers-in-googles-search-results/). These are direct answers to user’s search queries that are derived from public domain data or from information already licensed to Google – and usually appear at the top of search results.” The tip to pick up here, according to Gregorio, is that sites with quality, unique content can get included on Google’s Rich Answers list, meaning additional visitors will be driven to the site.

Obviously, there are other experts offering 2016 SEO Predictions, and many of them are remarkably similar to those listed here. However, since every site’s needs tends to be somewhat unique, it’s always a good idea to integrate the tips and predictions most in tune with those needs. Since return on investment is always important, finding the balance between ideal and realistic is often difficult, suggesting site owners need to work closely with SEO professionals to make the best use of the various predictions being touted today. There is food for thought in the majority of 2016 SEO Predictions and significant reasons for paying close attention to the advice and tips being provided.



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