Google Maccabees Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know!

In the weeks before Christmas, Google unrolled a series of “minor changes” that impacted SEO across the web. Many sites reported losing 20-30% of their traffic, leading to a flurry of analysis trying to figure out exactly what the Google update did. … [Read more...]

Google Algorithm Updates: Penguin 4.0 & Possum

Google seems to be changing its algorithms on a regular basis which can be frustrating as a website owner and SEO. Recent updates include 'Google Penguin 4.0' and 'Google Possum.' This article takes a look at both of these updates and what you need … [Read more...]

Google Algorithm Updates Timeline Infographic: 2015-2014 Edition

The world’s leading search engine often updates and improves its search algorithm. Here is a timeline of the most recent and notable ones date: July 2015 - Panda 4.2 Google announces Panda 4.2 data refresh targeting "low-quality" or "thin" … [Read more...]