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13 Stupefying 2016 SEO Statistics

SEO Statistics Infographic Details: 1. According to a story on Search Engine Land, Google handles trillions of searches per year. But just how many trillions? It’s hard to say–Google hasn’t released an exact number but has only claimed that yearly … [Read more...]

SEO News: Prominence as a New Local SEO Ranking Signal

The introduction of local search listings was a huge change to Google’s search algorithm and finally gave small, local businesses the ability to beat out their huge, multi-national competitors. It was one of a few changes that put the emphasis of the … [Read more...]

Google Increases the Width of Search Results

Have you noticed the recent change in Google search results? The shift is subtle and some people might not even be seeing it yet. Instead of changing the algorithm, they have changed how the search results look. How have they changed? The two major … [Read more...]