Archives for September 2015

Why Google Changed Its Name to Alphabet

Google made a startling re-branding announcement in the first week of August this year by creating a parent entity called the Alphabet. The move appeared like a plot from the HBO comedy hit series “Silicon Valley”, but Google’s co-founders are dead … [Read more...]

Google Announces Home Service Ads

A new kind of advertising seems to be on the way from Google: ads specially designed for home services like plumbers, locksmiths, and house cleaners. This new feature is more than just a new ad that will show up in Google search results; it includes … [Read more...]

Google Algorithm Updates Timeline Infographic: 2015-2014 Edition

The world’s leading search engine often updates and improves its search algorithm. Here is a timeline of the most recent and notable ones date: July 2015 - Panda 4.2 Google announces Panda 4.2 data refresh targeting "low-quality" or "thin" … [Read more...]