10 Convincing Local SEO Statistics & Stats

If you’re not investing in Local SEO, you’re not making the most of your search engine optimization budget. If you’re a local business or a national business with many different locations, local SEO is the best way to reach people that are … [Read more...]

Google “Pigeon” Algorithm Updates Local Search

Recent Google algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird have targeted the much wider scene as far as search results go. They’ve been aimed at improving results based on each website’s authority and clear out irrelevant results from … [Read more...]

Google My Business: What You Need To Know!

Google has done it again.  Just when you thought you had this whole ‘Google+ Page’ and ‘Google+ Local Listing’ figured out Google goes ahead and makes some pretty significant changes to it's local listing management system.  In this case, for the … [Read more...]

Essential Social Media Advice for Businesses: THINK!

It's 2014 and by now most businesses, large and small, have caught the Social Media bug.  Businesses have realized that Social Media, if leveraged properly, can be quite beneficial and to many it continues to play a significant role in their overall … [Read more...]

This Week in Search (SEO) | 1-23-2014

Find yourself jumping around from one SEO blog to the next to get your latest SEO News fix? Don't bother - I've compiled a list of some of the best posts over the past week (or so).  Check out some of these highlighted articles from (around) the week … [Read more...]

Social Media Explained – Connecticut Style! [INFOGRAPHIC]

We've all heard it - over and over...and over - "social media is important".  Everyone has told you that your business needs social media and you have finally decided to do something about it.  So you've got your cup of coffee, an empty Saturday, a … [Read more...]

5 Simple, Inspirational Quotes for the Small Business Mind

You see them everywhere, all over LinkedIn and Pinterest, many of which never truly catch my attention but every once in a while I come across a group of words that stick out and simply make sense.  They seem so obvious, yet it is not until I see … [Read more...]

The Undeniable Importance of Online Reviews

If you're anything like me your consumer decision making process goes something like this: Identify and recognize the need of the product or service. Go to Google, start researching that product/service and visiting the website affiliated with … [Read more...]

Claiming Local Profiles

Not only are local profiles good for SEO but they also serve as additional outlets for your business information to help customers find you.  By claiming them you can verify that all of your business information is accurate so you can be contacted … [Read more...]

Small Business Digital Marketing Checklist

I am often confronted with fed-up business owners saying how they've spent thousands of dollars on yellow page ads with nothing to show for it.  Contrary to what many may think (seeing that I am in digital marketing), I do still recommend certain … [Read more...]