Essential Social Media Advice for Businesses: THINK!

It's 2014 and by now most businesses, large and small, have caught the Social Media bug.  Businesses have realized that Social Media, if leveraged properly, can be quite beneficial and to many it continues to play a significant role in their overall … [Read more...]

This Week in Search (SEO) | 1-23-2014

Find yourself jumping around from one SEO blog to the next to get your latest SEO News fix? Don't bother - I've compiled a list of some of the best posts over the past week (or so).  Check out some of these highlighted articles from (around) the week … [Read more...]

Social Media Explained – Connecticut Style! [INFOGRAPHIC]

We've all heard it - over and over...and over - "social media is important".  Everyone has told you that your business needs social media and you have finally decided to do something about it.  So you've got your cup of coffee, an empty Saturday, a … [Read more...]

Social Media – Mad Men Style

While browsing Google Images for some new and creative Social Media info-graphics I stumbled across the following 'retro-style' Social Media Ads that I got a kick out of.  I am a big fan of AMC's Mad Men and  imagine that the Ad Team over at Sterling … [Read more...]

The Science of SEO

Search Engine Land - a reputable and informative SEO source - has just released their updated Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors (newly named - formerly the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors).  This helpful diagram is an excellent 'go-to' … [Read more...]

Small Business Digital Marketing Checklist

I am often confronted with fed-up business owners saying how they've spent thousands of dollars on yellow page ads with nothing to show for it.  Contrary to what many may think (seeing that I am in digital marketing), I do still recommend certain … [Read more...]

Facebook for Small Businesses (2013 Edition)

Something I often hear from small business owners regarding Facebook is "oh...yeah, I gotta get on the facebook but haven't had the time".  Unfortunately, this is true for many small business owners as they're required to wear multiple hats and … [Read more...]